St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church


Consultant: Hoover & Keith

The St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic church features an HK design made to complement their beautiful architecture as well as fit the overall worship style of the church.

The main sanctuary uses a Renkus Heinz full range array of loudspeakers along with Renkus foldback system, in addition to a distributed audio ceiling speaker system and intercom. At the heart of the system is a Soundcraft Series 2 console which feeds Symetrix DSP and QSC amplification, as well as an assisted listening system.

The church also outfitted a day chapel with a Renkus Heinz/QSC system along with an automatic mixer to meet the day to day needs of the parish.

Covenant Communications continues to enjoy longstanding relationship with the parish for all it’s on-going needs.