Lakewood Church (Multiple Projects)


Covenant Communications enjoys a longstanding relationship with Lakewood Church.  Covenant Communications was contacted to do the design and installation of five different 800 seat rooms in the new 5 story east building of the campus. Lakewood had inherited some equipment from the previous Compaq Center building and asked Shawn Mullins to incorporate these elements into the design, along with newer elements from Midas, JBL, and dbx. Covenant Communications specialty is contemporary worship, so it is not uncommon to customize a design to incorporate elements deemed effective by client and designer.

Shortly after that project, Covenant was called in to add an underbalcony system was added in the main sanctuary to add sound coverage to the mezzanine seating areas.

In 2009, when Reed Hall needed someone he could trust to come in and redeploy the main sanctuary’s line arrays for better coverage in the main seating areas, he knew exactly who to call.

Currently, Covenant Communications is working on upgrading the choir foldback system to a JBL Vertec 4887 system with a specially fabricated horizontal fly-ware, to allow a wide coverage to the tall choir sections, while relegating the horizontal coverage to the very narrow section defined by the choir space.